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September 11, 2023  

Vancouver’s zero-carbon firehall now open

Firehall 17, with geothermal heat pumps for heating/cooling, is also on track to achieve Passive House certification.

September 6, 2023  

Cooling on the Cutting Edge

Turning to water from the bottom of Lake Ontario makes The Taylor a cool new build in Toronto’s downtown.

August 30, 2023  

A Complete Solution

John Siegenthaler asks hydronics pros: Are you prepared to deliver a complete package of heating, cooling, DHW and optimized ventilation to your customers?

August 30, 2023  

New report promotes Canadian shift from Air Conditioners to Heat Pumps

The Cool Way to Heat Homes: installing heat pumps instead of air conditioners in Canada, was developed by the Building Decarbonization Alliance, Canadian Climate Institute, Efficiency Canada, and Greenhouse Institute.

August 23, 2023  

Net Zero in Nunavut

Dealing with supply logistics and low-temp hydrdonic heating in Canada’s north.

August 16, 2023  

HEAT PUMP WATER HEATERS: What you need to know!

Steve Goldie re-joins the 30 Mechanical Minutes webinar series to share his insights into the history and current realities of heat pump water heaters.

Tech Pulse
August 15, 2023  

Heat Pump Water Heaters: What you need to know [30 Mechanical Minutes]

In the latest edition of 30 Mechanical Minutes (HPAC

August 9, 2023  

Next 30 Mechanical Minutes: Air-to-Water Heat Pump Options

John Siegenthaler will discuss what’s available when it comes to air-to-water heat pump solutions in the next episode of this free webinar series, Wednesday, August 23, 1 pm eastern time.

August 4, 2023  

BCIT launches residential heat pump installation course

The course builds on the experience and theoretical knowledge of residential HVAC contractors.

July 25, 2023  

Inverters Improve Capacity

When considering installation of multi-zone mini-split systems, inverter compressors often allow more indoor capacity than you might think.

July 18, 2023  

The Inverter Compressor Era: Are We Ready?

Compressor technology has been evolving since the earliest days of air conditioning; the time has come to embrace the latest generation.

July 13, 2023  

Airzone integrates with Lutron for comprehensive home automation

Lutron customers can now control their inverter/VRF and ductless units with Lutron controllers.

July 11, 2023  

Bosch introduces compact air handlers for tight spaces

Two air handlers, one wall-mounted and one ceiling-mounted, pair with the company’s inverter ducted split (IDS) heat pump family.

June 22, 2023  

Johnson Controls acquires M&M Carnot

With operations in Trois Rivières, Quebec, M&M Carnot makes industrial refrigeration equipment operating on CO₂.

June 9, 2023  

Heat Pumps: What is Inverter Technology? [30 Mechanical Minutes]

Ian McTeer and Gerry Wagner sit down with HPAC to discuss the facts behind inverter technology and how it is making heat pumps better.

Tech Pulse
June 9, 2023  

Heat Pumps: What Exactly is Inverter Technology? [30 Mechanical Minutes]

Everyone wants to know more about heat pumps. On

May 18, 2023  

Next 30 Mechanical Minutes: Heat Pumps – what exactly is inverter technology?

HPAC writer Ian McTeer, and the author of our Duct-Free Zone section, Gerry Wagner, discuss how inverter compressor technology, together with advancements in flash injection into compressors, is raising the game in the heat pump world.

May 16, 2023  

Ontario adds Pickering, Ajax and Whitby to dual fuel incentive program

Operated in collaboration with Enbridge Gas, the Clean Home Heating Initiative provides participants who have existing gas connections with incentives of up to $4,500 towards heat pump installations.

May 9, 2023  

Enwave building new low-carbon heating facility in Toronto

Using heat pumps and other technologies, the facility’s emissions reduction potential is being compared to converting over 10 million sq. ft. of office space to net zero.

May 3, 2023  

Ontario adds City of Barrie to Clean Home Heating Initiative

Provincial program, launched last September, provides incentives to homeowners to try hybrid heating (smart controls with gas furnace and air source heat pump systems) initially in London, St. Catharines, Peterborough, Sault Ste. Marie, and now Barrie.

April 26, 2023  

Carrier to Acquire Viessmann for 12B Euro

“The acquisition of Viessmann Climate Solutions is a game-changing opportunity,” Carrier Chairman/CEO, David Gitlin.

April 20, 2023  

U.S. announces $250 Million boost for domestic heat pump manufacturing

The U.S. Department of Energy is calling on manufacturers that are interested in creating new facilities or expanding existing heat pump production capacity.

April 12, 2023  

Heat Pump Symposium a Sold Out Success

Over 600 people attended the inaugural Symposium held Tuesday, April 4 at the International Centre located near the Toronto International Airport.

March 28, 2023  

Is the Heat Pump a Joke?

The technology has changed significantly over the past 40-plus years, yet customer education is still required for the uninformed.

March 24, 2023  

Visionary Sales adds new clients to its roster

The Toronto-based manufacturer’s representative has announced new partnerships with Ecoer North America and AquiSense Technologies.

March 7, 2023  

Air-to-Slab: An industrial solution

Consider combining an air-to-water heat pump with a heated floor slab in suitable industrial spaces – no buffer tank required.