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Viega ProPress® Hydronic Ball Valves
The new line of Viega ProPress® Hydronic Ball Valve press x hose thread for copper systems are full port and designed for non-potable water...
SANIFLO® Certified Installer Program
SANIFLO® offers a free, in-person Certified Installer Program to provide accreditation and increase employment opportunities for plumbers a...
Save Time, Labour on Hydronic Installations with the AMPEX panel
AMPEX Insulated PEX Panel by Amvic is designed for cost effective installation and performance characteristics for hydronic radiant in-floor...
Available Now! New Wohler A 450 Combustion Analyzer
The new Wohler A 450 combustion analyzer is an affordably priced flue gas analyzer with rugged yet compact housing, a touch screen monitor a...
Original Innovation, New Choices
Designed for IPS stainless steel, new Viega MegaPress® Stainless fittings make secure connections in less than seven seconds, which keeps p...
Drive Your Efficiency and Performance with the Alnor® Balometer® Capture Hood
The Alnor® Balometer® Capture Hood EBT731 provides the most accurate direct air volume readings at diffusers and grilles, enables easy one...

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