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Unveiling the Strata ERV: Redefining Indoor Air Quality

April 16, 2024 | By Dettson

Upgrade your home comfort with the Strata ERV and experience the difference it makes in your indoor air quality.

The Perfect Harmony of Features

  • Fresh, Balanced Air: The Strata ERV continuously brings in fresh outdoor air while exhausting stale indoor air.
  • Year-Round Humidity Control: The Strata ERV boasts a remarkable 60% efficiency rating at -25°C, making it perfect for cold climates.
  • Unmatched Efficiency and Savings: This ERV is a compact design and requires no drain, simplifying installation and maintenance. Polymer core construction ensures long-lasting performance and easy cleaning.
  • Designed for versatility: Choose from models 115, 150, 115R, and 230R, with options for side or top ports, as well as multi-position mounting (vertical or flat on the ceiling).

Now Energy Star listed!



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