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Johnson Controls Unveils OpenBlue Indoor Air Quality as a Service Solution 

January 18, 2022 | By Logan Caswell

The new offering provides customers with a long-term proactive approach to IAQ to meet ever-changing health and safety compliance standards.

Johnson Controls has announced the launch of OpenBlue Indoor Air Quality, an “as-a-service” Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solution for buildings, delivering energy-efficient, clean air outcomes with a subscription-like financing model.

OpenBlue Indoor Air Quality is expected to provide customers with a long-term proactive approach to IAQ to meet changing health and safety compliance standards while leveraging its OpenBlue technology to optimize IAQ and energy costs. The offering includes five components:

  • IAQ assessments – together with UL, Johnson Controls will use a combination of science and technology to assess indoor air quality, identify areas of risk and determine benchmarks and KPIs that support better IAQ, energy efficiency and cost savings.
  • Solution application – based on the results of the assessment, Johnson Controls will apply IAQ sensors, products and services required to meet customers’ desired outcomes. Its OpenBlue technology delivers all critical indoor air quality information in one centralized place to control devices, display IAQ data and identify trends, helping optimize energy costs and indoor air quality levels with AI-powered recommendations for improvements.
  • Remote monitoring and advisory – to ensure desired outcomes are met, Johnson Controls will leverage its Remote Operations Centres (ROCs) to provide 24/7 monitoring of critical IAQ values and recommendations for improvements.
  • Annual IAQ reassessment – acknowledging the dynamic nature of all buildings, the company will provide annual IAQ reassessments and work with clients to enhance their operations as needed.
  • Financing – OpenBlue Indoor Air Quality will be offered through an optional monthly financing model.

OpenBlue Indoor Air Quality will launch globally in February 2022.




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