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ThermAtlantic DX2W compatible with cold climate heat pumps

April 11, 2024 | By HPAC Magazine

Customers have flexibility to choose which outdoor technology to use courtesy of the unit’s open standards approach to systems integration.

ThermAtlantic, the Newfoundland-based manufacturer of air-to-water heat pump components and controls, announces that its latest DX2W-EX3 series now offers native support for most cold climate inverters using enhanced vapour injection (EVI) technology.

The third-party heat pump outdoor units supported by ThermAtlantic now includes central split inverters with 24VAC thermostat support including those manufactured by Gree or Midea, which account for a large number of cold climate inverters on the current North American market under a variety of brand names.

Installers will now have a choice of specifying whether outdoor units use O for Cooling or B for Heating, the later of which is now standard on most inverters.

Beta testers of the ThermAtlantic’s recently released DX2W-EX3 series using the Gree Flexx 3- and 5-ton outdoor units have shown that over the past two winters the latest EVI inverters not only extend the operating envelope down to -25C but also broaden the heating capacity by as much as 60% when compared to the previous generation of conventional heat pumps.

For example, when most older models were putting out 9-10kW on a specific winter day, a new inverter in the same neighbourhood was putting out 15-16 kW.  This translates into lower auxilliary backup balance points and less reliance on electric or gas boilers for backup on cold days.

From a controls perspective, with the DX2W-EX3’s refrigeration analysis capabilities it is possible to see liquid sub-cooling and determine whether units are over or under charged in order to maximize performance and efficiency.

ThermAtlantic DX2W-EX3 customers will have the flexibility to choose which technology to use outdoors thanks to the unit’s open standards approach to systems integration with third-party products.





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