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Hydronic heating for residential applications

August 10, 2020 | By HPAC Magazine

The Ampex® Insulated Pex Panel by Amvic Building System is an under-concrete insulated PEX panel for hydronic radiant heating installations. It has been specifically designed to provide easier, faster and more cost effective installation and performance for Hydronic Radiant in-floor heating systems.

Ampex Panel Design:

The Ampex insulated PEX panel consists of expanded polystyrene insulation, molded to high impact polystyrene film. This combination makes for a stronger, energy efficient and resilient interlocking PEX panel.  The high impact film acts as a vapour retardant and provides high energy efficiency. The panel has R values from R10, R12, R14, and R16. The oversized four sided ship-lap interlock makes installation quick, easy and secure. Additionally, the panel nubs form a mushroom shape, locking the PEX piping firmly in place.




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