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Emerson Training – CO2 as a Refrigerant

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April 04 - April 05, 2018
145 Sherwood Drive, Brantford, ON


This course will offer a combination of in-class theory and hands-on training that will focus on CO2 as a refrigerant, and will spotlight tips and techniques on how to:

  • Understand new terminology; Transcritical, Supercritical, Subcritical, flash gas
  • Properly map a Cascade and Transcritical Booster System
  • Use best practices to service R-744 systems
  • Understand the effects of gas cooler control on a system
  • Optimize efficiency in warm ambient environments
  • Recognize advantages of using R-744 in refrigeration

Featured Topics:

  • Introduction to CO2 as a refrigerant
  • Pressure Enthalpy Chart Differences:
    • Subcritical vs. Transcritical Systems
  • Basic System Comparisons:
    • Secondary Systems
  • (CO2 Volatile Brine)
    • Hybrid Cascade Systems
    • Transcritical Booster Systems
  • Maintenance:
    • CO2 Safety and Handling
    • Installation Best Practices
    • Moisture Considerations
  • Safety Handling and Maintenance
  • Charging of Co2 system
  • Oil management
  • Gas Cooler Control
  • Start up and shutdown sequences
  • Additional Topics:
    • Electronic Tools
    • Refrigerant Regulations & Code Update
    • Demonstration of Operational CO2 Hybrid Cascade System
    • Unique Emerson on-site solutions



A fee of $499 plus taxes, per person includes all course material, tools, breakfast and lunch.

To register, please contact Kieran Wells at: Kieran.Wells@Emerson.com or (519) 756-6157 Ext 2421.

Cancellations received within 1 week prior to the scheduled course date will be charged the full course fee.


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