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Hydrogen blending project in Alberta adding electrolyzer

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The ATCO Gas hydrogen blending project in Fort Saskatchewan will be producing hydrogen from water using electricity.

GLE Completes Detailed Engineering on ATCO Hydrogen Project (CNW Group/GAS LIQUIDS ENGINEERING LTD.)

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) has announced the completion of its detailed engineering for integration of hydrogen production and storage as a part of ATCO Gas and Pipelines (ATCO’s) Fort Saskatchewan Hydrogen Blending Project.

The project facility will use an electrolyzer to produce hydrogen from water and electricity, which will then be briefly stored before being introduced into the existing natural gas distribution system to approximately 2,100 customers.

ATCO began the blending hydrogen into its natural gas for the project  in October 2022 with approximately 5% hydrogen content, and the company intends to increase the blend rate to 20% by late 2023.

GLE says customers receiving the hydrogen blended natural gas will experience no impact to the operation of the appliances within their homes, or the reliability of their natural gas service but benefit from reducing their carbon footprint. ATCO’s next steps include integrating the electrolyzer into its system to begin producing hydrogen directly onsite.

“With critical input from GLE, ATCO’s hydrogen blending project is leading the country, which at 5% is already the highest blend rate in all Canada and is set to increase to 20% in late 2023. In the years to come, transitioning our customers’ heating needs to hydrogen will cost less than other possible options, and still be as safe and reliable as natural gas is today, making it a key way to reduce emissions as our systems move to 100% hydrogen over time,” said Patrick Bain, director, hydrogen projects and technology development, with ATCO.




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