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BC contractors now required to sponsor apprentices

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To support the growth of the BC apprenticeship system, the BC government now requires contactors and subcontractors to engage in apprenticeship training on new, major infrastructure projects.

This Apprentices on Public Projects policy began on July 1, 2015, and applies to infrastructure projects that are valued at over $15 million. This requirement affects all red seal trades used on in-scope government funded projects, which includes the HVAC/R industries.

To demonstrate their engagement with apprentices, prime contractors must now report on their use of registered apprentices. To do this, contractors are required to submit forms that confirm their intent to use registered apprentices, and they also must submit an apprentice utilization report.

The policy aims to provide more opportunities for apprentices to become certified in the trades industry. It also aims to ensure that BC tradespersons are well trained to fill the expected million job openings between now and 2022.

Other public sector organizations and projects with a total provincial investment of less than $15 million are also encouraged to engage in apprenticeship training and reporting.



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