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ICC, CSA Group seek comments on Rainwater Harvesting Standard

November 11, 2015 | By Doug Picklyk

Joint U.S./Canadian standard will address design and performance of rainwater harvesting systems, water shortages, storm water management and water quality.

The International Code Council and CSA Group have posted the first draft of the CSA/ICC B805 Rainwater Harvesting Systems standard for public review. The standard will help code officials in jurisdictions seeking an industry standard to develop guidelines that work with existing building codes. It is expected to be particularly useful in regions that want to use rainwater harvesting to counteract drought, storm water management concerns and water quality issues for commercial and residential applications. The standard also supports sustainable construction.

The first public review draft of CSA/ICC B805 is available for download now. Submit comments online until November 24, 2015.

The standard will support existing codes and design requirements for major types of water storage tanks, system sizing methods, water quality criteria, storm water management and automatic fire sprinkler system integration. Demand for the standard is driven by the growing interest in rainwater harvesting as a sustainable, renewable, resilient source of water for homes and commercial buildings.

Developed by an 18-member CSA/ICC rainwater collection system design and installation consensus committee, the standard is crafted to ensure the basic safety and performance of rainwater collection systems. It is being developed in accordance with both ICC’s ANSI and CSA’s Standards Council of Canada accredited standard development processes for use throughout North America.



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