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Tank Inspection Processes and Protocol webinar date confirmed

May 7, 2012 | By HPAC Magazine

A web seminar on May 10 will address tank inspection processes and protocol for inspectors. CA Certificate of Attendance will be issued at the end of the COHA program, which will be lead by Marc Raymond of Spectius Underwriting Solutions Ltd. COHA GreenTECH certified technicians earn three COHA Continue Education Credits (CEU) upon completion of this course. Register online. Raymond began his insurance career in 1990 as a loss prevention and evaluation specialist for Sentinel Underwriting Review Ltd. He served on two committees for the Canadian Standards Association (B-365, Solid Fuel Burning Appliances and B-139, Installation Code for Oil-Burning Equipment) and was the first accredited FOSIL (Fuel Oil Storage Inspection Logistics) instructor through COHA (Canadian Oil Heat Association) and certified trainer for the Spectius-TankSure Program.



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