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Mechanical showcase earns CEO free trip to Italy with Caleffi

January 5, 2018 | By Jillian Morgan

mechanical room showcase

The contest aims to encourage designers, contractors and engineers to showcase work that features Caleffi products.

A grand prizewinner has been chosen for the Caleffi Excellence contest by attendees of the company’s webinar, Coffee with Caleffi.

Patrick Driscoll, CEO of Ironclad Mechanical Plumbing and Heating in Edmonton, AB, was selected out of six monthly finalists.

“We are beyond thrilled and humbled to have won the grand prize. This is extremely exciting,” said Driscoll.

The winning project was a mechanical room showcase created by Driscoll and his team.

A residential client of Ironclad had requested a showpiece heating system. Driscoll and team created a mechanical room showcase using in-house design work. Fabrication services were used to create custom diamond plate boxes to showcase Caleffi SEP4 and other system components.

Driscoll will receive a free trip for two to Italy to visit Caleffi’s world headquarters, along with a personalized tour of the factories and design facilities. www.caleffi.com



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