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Top Story of 2023: Vancouver’s RainStick makes TIME’s Best Inventions of 2023

December 21, 2023 | By HPAC Magazine

The water-saving recirculating shower is among 200 innovations on this year’s list.

RainStick Shower Appliance (CNW Group/RainStick)

Among the 200 innovations listed on TIME magazine’s new Best Inventions, list for 2023 was the RainStick shower, an appliance developed by a Vancouver clean tech company that addresses the issues of water and energy conservation, offering 80% water savings and 80% energy savings while delivering two times the standard flow rate.

Similar to a conventional shower, RainStick begins using supplied water, and then instead of being wasted down the drain, its technology captures, circulates, and cleanses the water in real-time.

In addition, with the RainStick app, users can monitor savings, maintenance and customize their shower experience.

“Rainstick provides an elevated experience with increased water pressure that is only possible thanks to its sustainable, re-circulating design. It doesn’t use greywater and only uses .5 GPM, while providing a luxurious 3 GPM from the showerhead – so it’s fully compliant,” says Alisha McFetridge, CEO and co-founder of RainStick Shower in a media release.




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