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BOW Oxy-PERT and Oxypex tubing solutions for hydronics

November 6, 2023 | By HPAC Magazine

Oxygen-barrier plastic pipes are designed to prevent the ingress of oxygen into a plumbing system.

Now available in Canada, BOW-branded Oxy-PERT and Oxypex tubing options are manufactured to offer benefits for a range of hydronic applications.

Part of Orbia’s Building and Infrastructure business, Wavin, the BOW Oxy-PERT and Oxypex oxygen-barrier plastic pipes are specifically designed to prevent the ingress of oxygen into a plumbing system, resisting tuberculation deposits that can plague metal pipes.

Manufactured from recyclable eco-friendly materials, both pipes provide noise and water hammer resistance. For installers, the pipes’ lightweight nature makes them easy to transport, and with low scrap value compared to metal pipes, Oxy-PERT and Oxypex pipes mitigate jobsite theft risk.

Oxypex PEX B piping can be used for both potable water piping and hydronic closed-loop heating applications such as snow melt and radiant floor heating, while the Oxy-PERT is a high-temperature flexible plastic pressure pipe with a 35-year history of successful use in the European market. It is well suited for circulation heating applications such as radiant slab heating systems for concrete, snow-melting applications, and baseboard heating.




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