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Daikin launches Charge Integrity feature to mitigate refrigerant loss

October 18, 2023 | By HPAC Magazine

Part of the company's cloud service it uses smart sensing to identify a non-catastrophic loss of refrigerant charge on many connected systems.

Daikin Comfort Technologies North America has announced the launch of Charge Integrity, a new feature designed for its cloud-based services that alerts HVAC contractors if refrigerant charge levels drop below optimal thresholds.

By identifying slow refrigerant leaks, Charge Integrity enables Daikin Pro contractors to potentially address issues before they become severe.

The feature is part of the Daikin One cloud service and uses smart sensing to identify a non-catastrophic loss of refrigerant charge on many Daikin systems connected to the Daikin cloud.

Connected contractors will receive alerts, via email and/or push notification, if the refrigerant level in select Daikin unitary inverter systems connected to Daikin One cloud services drops below the Charge Integrity alerting threshold. Alerts also provide possible causes, along with corrective actions contractors can take.

Loss of refrigerant into the atmosphere from HVAC systems impacts performance, efficiency and operational cost, while contributing to greenhouse gas emissions,” says Jim Cahill, IoT Solutions Business Leader for Daikin in a company release. “Traditionally, these lossof-charge events often go unidentified until a homeowner complains about ineffective cooling or spiking electric bills.”




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