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Analysis of Airflow Patterns and Flow Path of Airborne Contaminants in Healthcare Buildings (ASHRAE Webinar)

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July 21, 2020

ashraeHospital-acquired infections have been persistent – airborne transmission plays a role in many nosocomial infections.

With air being the primary carrier of heat, moisture, contaminants, and airborne contaminants in health care facilities such as patient rooms, isolation rooms, and operating rooms, the flow path of supply air plays an important role in determining the flow path of airborne pathogens in these spaces.

This free webinar, being held Tuesday, July 21 11 am to 12 noon ET, demonstrates how the supply air flow paths, induced air flow paths, and exhaust grille placement can work collaboratively to establish protective and effective contaminant control.

Several studies indicate that the design of a ventilation system and the resulting airflow patterns play a more important role in controlling the flow path of contaminants than just the supply airflow rate or air changes per hour (ACH) alone.

The course provides valuable insight to healthcare design engineers, facility managers and owners in designing the HVAC systems for patient rooms.

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