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Daikin Invests in U.S. Software Company

April 22, 2020 | By HVAC Magazine

spatialDaikin Industries has invested $2 million into Silicon Valley-based startup Locix, Inc., a company that uses cloud-based spatial intelligence solutions that use a combination of indoor positioning technology, advanced AI, and Wi-Fi to acquire and analyze locations, as well as spatial and visual data, to enable actionable insights.

The data is used to provide automated decision making for services such as occupancy monitoring for the advancement of smart buildings.

Daikin plans to accelerate its air conditioning solutions business and create new customer value by connecting air conditioning devices to networks and analyze big data related to air conditioning.

Daikin aims to reduce labor hours at installation sites by utilizing Locix’s local positioning technology solution that will configure and confirm positioning information of indoor air conditioning units and automate remote monitoring services that were previously performed manually.

Moreover, by detecting and analyzing the presence and movement of people and assets in an office building, Daikin expects to see a solutions business for office spaces emerge.

Daikin has been striving toward “collaborative creation” with outside entities in order to support the development of new technologies and innovations that will offer modern and advanced solutions. Daikin has set aside approximately $100 million to investment in global startup companies over the next five years. The amount being allocated to Locix represents Daikin’s first investment in a company outside Japan.

In the future, Daikin will accelerate its open innovation activities while utilizing this type of investment to build strong relationships worldwide with new external partners.



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