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Fireplace poses explosion risk say TSSA and Health Canada

September 18, 2012 | By HPAC Magazine

Health Canada has issued an advisory to consumers to stop using Majestic brand fireplaces that bear the trade names Insta-flame or Northern Flame (Models FSDV22, FSDV30 and FSDV32, Series). The relief dampers may not function properly causing the excess gas to ignite and then the glass to explode when lighting the fireplace. Since 2006 there have been six incidents involving these fireplaces reported to the Technical Standards and Safety Authority of Ontario (TSSA). In these cases, delayed ignition occurred expelling glass into the living space causing personal injury. Health Canada has received one report of this fireplace’s glass exploding and no injury was reported. Models FSDV22, FSDV30 and FSDV32, Series bear a Canadian Gas Association (CGA) or Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certification mark. Delayed ignition tests, per the CSA standard, were conducted on a sample fireplace by TSSA and CSA. During testing, the fireplace’s relief dampers did not prevent the glass from blowing out. 



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