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Tour features Modine commercial ventilation, infrared, classroom and unit heater products

June 13, 2019 | By HPAC Magazine

The weather gods were smiling on the fourth stop in Modine‘s 2019 Innovation Tour at the Vaughan Holiday Inn Express in Toronto.

Visitors to the event on June 11 and 12 enjoyed sunshine as they checked out the full line of HVAC solutions integrated into a 53-foot semi-truck.

Products included a full line of HVAC solutions, such as commercial ventilation systems and classroom HVAC products. Modine’s unit heater and infrared heater lines were also featured.

Toronto is rapidly building commercial spaces with plans to build several new skyscrapers in the coming years. This creates a great demand for commercial HVAC solutions,” said Kimberly Raduenz, marketing communications manager for Modine.

Modine rep Philip Antecol, of Hydronic HVAC Sales, describes the Effinity gas fired unit heater.

Professional development seminars were also on the agenda. Industry training included the Basics of Make-Up Air. Hands on training and product demos focused on the Hot Dawg Unit Heater, the Effinity (PTC) with BMS Compatibilities Modine Controls System and the Atherion.



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