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Mansfield moves 90 per cent of production to U.S.

June 27, 2014 | By HPAC Magazine

Mansfield Plumbing Products (MPP) recently announced that it will now produce more than 90 per cent of its product volume in the U.S, increasing its plant capacity by 1 million pieces. With increased manufacturing, as a result of its expansion of the Perrysville, OH, sanitary-ware plant, the company promises shorter lead times and higher fill rates.

“We’re especially excited to produce even higher inventory returns for our distributors, putting more money back in their pockets,” said Chuck York, vice president of wholesale sales for Mansfield Plumbing. “Our new shipping promise is one no other manufacturers can match, and it’s thanks to our ongoing dedication to investing in our U.S. manufacturing.”

Mansfield first announced the new initiatives, including a campaign directed to wholesalers and plumber, at its annual sales meeting in Perrysville in April. With 120 sales reps and 20 board members in attendance, the meeting included a tour to show off the new equipment and plant capacity.

In addition to the Perrysville plant, the company operates plants in Big Prairie, OH and Henderson, TX. MPP, which was founded in 1929, was purchased by Corona in 2004. 



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