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GROHE sets the date for carbon-zero production

December 10, 2019 | By HPAC Magazine

In July 2019, the global brand converted all of its production plants to run on green electricity. They plan to be entirely carbon-free by April 2020.

GROHE’s CEO, Thomas Fuhr in Germany in 2019 (image: GROHE)

GROHE will be zero-carbon production following the start of the new fiscal year in April 2020.

As part of their ‘GROHE goes ZERO’ initiative, the sanitary manufacturer will offset unavoidable CO2 emissions through two compensation projects in India and Malawi.

GROHE’s hydroelectric plant in India. (image: GROHE)

The operation of a hydroelectric power plant in India will replace electricity that mainly comes from coal-fired power plants. In the African state of Malawi, a project repairs and maintains boreholes that are used to produce drinking water. With the help of selected offset projects, GROHE will support activities based on extremely stringent criteria, such as the Gold Standard, developed under the aegis of the WWF. In addition to avoiding CO2, the measures also contribute to a more sustainable, ecological and social development within the projects’ environments.

GROHE has increased its energy efficiency by 24 per cent through several sustainability initiatives across its manufacturing plants. The brand has also invested in block heat and power plants, was awarded the silver certificate by the German Sustainable Building Council for the plant extension in Klaeng, Thailand, and built a test laboratory in Hemer, Germany. GROHE has also reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by around 40 per cent since the introduction of its sustainability program in 2014.



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