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Reminder re gas fired appliances used for heating buildings under construction

September 6, 2019 | By HPAC Magazine

Standata has released an information sheet G-01-17(Rev1) Gas Fired Appliances Used for Heating Buildings Under Construction. The bulletin was jointly developed by Municipal Affairs Alberta and industry representatives to inform builders, contractors, renovators, gas fitters/sheet metal workers and owners of the requirements to ensure the installation and operation of gas heating appliances comply with the manufacturer’s certified installation instructions and the CSA B149.1 Natural gas and propane installation code.

Gas fired appliances used to supply heat to buildings that are under construction or during renovations are required to be certified for that use. All gas-fired appliances shall be installed and operated as per the requirements in the CSA B149.1 Natural gas and propane installation code and the appliance manufacturer’s certified installation instructions.

As of May 1, 2017 the manufacturers of gas heating appliances supplied in Canada, known as residential style furnaces changed their certified installation instructions to restrict or limit these furnaces from being used to heat buildings that are under construction or being renovated. These residential style furnaces may now have manufacturer’s installation instructions that prohibit use of the furnace during construction or identify specific requirements for operation, maintenance and cleaning of the appliance if used during construction.

TheANSI Z21.47/CSA 2.3 Gas-fired central furnaces standard requires the manufacturer’s installation instructions of these units to contain:

-A statement specifying whether the furnace is permitted to be used for heating of buildings or structures under construction.

-If the manufacturer allows such use, the instructions shall specify the conditions that are required for use. Installation must comply with all manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Buildings would be considered under construction/renovation where dusty conditions exist such as those created from installing dry wall or textured finishes. A furnace certified to ANSI Z21.47/CSA 2.3 that bares an indication it is not to be used for heating buildings or structures under construction could be used once drywall, texture and priming of interior surfaces is complete, including clean-up that would be required to minimize dust and debris.

If indicated in the manufacturer’s certified installation instructions that furnaces could be used during construction, they would be allowed at any time for that purpose following the manufacturer’s specific instructions and all applicable Gas code requirements.

Heating of an area during construction/renovation such as a basement development may require an alternate heat source for those areas so that a furnace with restrictions is not used for construction during the renovation. There may also need to be separation of the construction and occupied areas to ensure the furnace serving the completed portions of the home is not exposed to the construction conditions.

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