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Fieldpiece launches interchangeable hoses and accessories

July 20, 2023 | By HPAC Magazine

Hoses are A2L-ready with four-layer construction.

Fieldpiece Instruments has a new line of hoses and fittings including two types of premium hoses: charging hoses and vacuum hoses, with accompanying accessories and a variety of different fittings for all HVAC/R charging, recovery and evacuation requirement.

Fieldpiece designed its charging and vacuum hoses in a universal black to allow each hose in a set to function as a spare for any other, removing limitations that technicians typically experience when using traditional yellow, blue and red coloured hoses.

Sturdy coloured tags snap onto each hose for identification and customization.

This approach reduces the number of spare hoses field techs must carry and decreases errors by allowing technicians to easily mark hoses that are specific for particular use cases or refrigerants.

The flexible hoses allow a tight bend radius for cramped locations and compact storage, provide a good grip even in oily hands, and won’t degrade over time from UV and oil exposure.

Fieldpiece hoses feature triple-ring crimped fittings for reliability even at high pressure, and greater pull strength than a traditional single-crimp or hex-crimp where if one crimp fails, the entire hose fails.

Fieldpiece hoses also have smaller diameter low-loss fittings and low-abrasion, knurled brass fittings, offering good feel and a solid grip. The compact ball valve knob design reduces inadvertent refrigerant release if bumped, protecting users from accidental refrigerant burns.

All hoses are UL 1963-compliant, third-party tested and compatible with industry standards (SAE J2196, SAE J2888 and SAE J513) for refrigerant recovery and recycling.

Hoses are A2L-ready with four-layer construction; have neoprene gaskets for a lasting seal even when exposed to harsh temperatures and lubricants; and are certified for 4000 psi burst pressure and 800 psi working pressure.

Fieldpiece charging hoses are available in three-packs or individually to fit both a quarter inch standard and five-sixteenths inch split system service ports.

Vacuum hoses are sold individually to mate with either three-eighths or quarter inch port sizes.

Accessories such as ball valve and open hose extensions as well as straight and angled split system adapters are part of the new lineup along with replacement gaskets and extra hose colour tags.




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