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Milwaukee Expands its Packout Modular Storage System

April 5, 2022 | By HPAC Magazine

The storage system now has over 65 solutions to fully customize a storage on sites, in transit or shops.

Milwaukee Tool has expanded its PACKOUT Modular Storage System to include 20-plus shop storage solutions so users can fully customize their storage with wall plates, hooks, tool racks, tool holders, and a cabinet that connect with all PACKOUT solutions.    

The wall plates feature quick alignment tabs on all sides, making installing rows and columns of multiple plates easy. Available in two sizes, the large wall plate feature a 150-lb. wall mounted capacity, and the compact wall plate features a 50-lb. wall mounted capacity. 

A wide variety of tool racks and holders, including M18 and M1™ battery racks, compact shelf, organizer cup, tool rack, screwdriver rack, roll holder, tool station, long handle tool rack, and two sizes of bins, providing users with customization options.    

With the addition of PACKOUT Shop Storage, the modular storage system now has over 65 solutions for users to choose from to fully customize their storage for site, transit, and shop. 




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