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RectorSeal’s New Tool Blows Out A/C Blockages

September 26, 2019 | By HPAC Magazine

RectorSeal’s LineShot™ is a handheld tool that clears blocked HVAC/R condensate lines using pressurized CO². It is designed specifically for Safe-T-Switch®, All-Access™ and other brands of access cleanout fittings on air conditioning systems. The LineShot is a reusable tool that measures 5-1/2-inches (140-mm) across and dispenses a 250-psi (17.2-bar) pressurized burst from its recyclable CO² cartridge (sold separately) to flush debris from blocked condensate drains. 

LineShot connects using a flexible PVC hose with brass female fittings that connect the tool to cleanout models with a built-in Schrader valve. A tapered design enables service techs to hold the adaptor onto any 9.5 to 19-mm condensate pipe access openings.

For additional information on LineShot, please visit www.rectorseal.com/lineshot or call 800-231-3345



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