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U.S. Boiler Co. introduces app for installation and service

May 3, 2023 | By Doug Picklyk

The USB-Connect smartphone app connects through Bluetooth to the company's current and recent condensing and combi boilers.

U.S. Boiler Company has introduced the USB-Connect smartphone application (app) to expedite and streamline installation, service and troubleshooting of all its current and recent condensing and combi boilers.

The app, which interfaces with all models of Alta, Aspen, Alpine and K2 boilers through a Bluetooth adapter, allows technicians to access the boiler control via smartphone or mobile device rather than the boiler display.

Safe and secure, USB-Connect guides technicians through all service and installation procedures while providing powerful diagnostic tools.  This allows technicians to work quickly and accurately, regardless of their familiarity with the product or level of training.

Start-up wizards include on-phone LP conversion, customer setpoints and other adjustments.

Troubleshooting wizards include questions like “Is boiler not running?” or “Is boiler not responding to DHW demand?” among others. These issues and visible active alarms are often solved with a few taps on the smartphone screen.

The new app features a control dashboard providing instant status, operating details, diagnostic tools, literature and other resources.

All boiler adjustments can be made from the app, including setpoint temperatures, DHW priority, access to error codes, manipulation of fan speeds, configuration of outdoor reset parameters, etc.

The app also provides live software and firmware upgrades and instant, fingertip access to all manuals and documents.

Operating details and service records are viewable on- and off-site, and system snapshots can be archived for later use.

Should customer service be needed, U.S. Boiler tech support can view the system in real-time when connected through a technician’s smartphone. Job-site photos can also be posted to the app.

Set up requires the purchase of the USB-Connect Bluetooth adapter kit and the free USB-Connect mobile app, which is available on the App Store (Apple) or the Play Store (Android).




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