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Top Features of the Flexi-Rooter

September 18, 2023 | By General Pipe Cleaners

Flexible-shaft technology is the next big thing in the drain cleaning industry. Flexible-shaft sewer machines utilize a swiftly rotating shaft that can reach speeds 10 times faster than traditional drain cleaning machines, but is safely protected inside a sheath so it’s easy to handle – no spinning drums. This makes Flexible-shaft technology faster and more thorough than traditional drain cleaners.

General Pipe Cleaners Flexi-Rooter has three key features that make it stand out in the industry – the foot pedal, ClogChopper and a stiffer shaft. Below is information about these key features and how they help the Flexi-Rooter get the job done.

Foot Pedal

Once the operator adjusts the speed control knob to the proper level for the job, they can simply step on the foot pedal to turn the Flexi-Rooter on or off. This feature leaves both hands free to guide the sheath into the drain. This feature also makes it much easier to position a pipe inspection pushrod beside the Flexi-Rooter in order to perfectly position the cutting chains in the drain.


General’s innovative, two-part cleaning array combines our unique ClogChopper® cutters with carbide-tipped chain cutters. ClogChopper cutters rip through tough stoppages with six self-sharpening blades that dig into encrusted debris and root masses, easily grinding up stubborn clogs. General couples the ClogChoppers with stainless steel and carbide-tipped chain cutters. Together, they make a formidable combination, capable of boring through tough stoppages and scale, shredding obstructions, de-scaling, and scouring pipe walls clean. Note: Remember that a carbide-tipped cutter is only for use with a cast iron or metal pipe. There are other non-carbide cutter options for use with PVC or other non-metal pipes.

Stiffer Shaft

General’s stronger, stiffer shaft is flexible enough to get through 2″ lines, yet strong enough to cut roots in 4″ drain lines up to 75 feet down the line. The stiffer shaft allows the operator to apply more forward momentum, which makes it ideal to unclog significant blockages — whether in the bathroom, kitchen or main line.

The Flexi-Rooter is a very dynamic and versatile drain cleaning machine! It is a flexible-shaft device tough enough to open a stubbornly clogged drain, but also performs as a pipe prep, milling, and de-scaling machine. Plus, it’s field repairable! Check out all the exciting features of the Flexi-Rooter and see why drain cleaners love it!

For more information, call the Drain Brains at 800-245-6200, or visit https://drainbrain.com/en/products/flexi-rooter/ 


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