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New fact sheets available on OEE Web site

October 16, 2012 | By HPAC Magazine

Natural Resources Canada’s ecoENERGY Efficiency for Buildings is offering a new series of fact sheets dealing with building energy efficiency in general or benchmarking specifically. ecoENERGY Efficiency for Buildings – Overview provides an overview of the energy- and money-saving initiatives offered by this program. Topics include Canada’s new national energy code for buildings, building commissioning and recommissioning, the Federal Buildings Initiative and the soon-to-be-launched national building energy benchmarking tool. The Federal Buildings Initiative fact sheet provides an overview of the initiative, which offers a range of products and services that include the facilitation of energy performance contracts for implementing energy efficiency retrofits in federal buildings. A Community of Practice for sharing best practices has also been established by the initiative. ecoENERGY Efficiency for Buildings – Benchmarking Tools highlights the importance of benchmarking and how this process will be simplified and enhanced by using the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Portfolio Manager benchmarking tool. An adaptation of this tool, customized for Canadian users, will be officially launched in June 2013. Building Commissioning and Recommissioning is a primer on the concepts of commissioning (Cx) and recommissioning (RCx). 2011 National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings gives an overview of the importance and benefits of following the 2011 NECB .



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