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Oatey Announces Latest Editition of Social Media Brand Ambassadors for 2023

January 25, 2023 | By HPAC Magazine

First launched in June 2021, the company's new 2023 Social Media Ambassadors includes two Canadian plumbers.

Oatey Co., the plumbing industry product manufacturer in operation since 1916, first launched its Social Media Ambassador program in June 2021 with four experienced plumbers including two Canadians: Danielle ‘Twig’ Browne ( @thelittlestplumber) from St. John’s, Newfoundland and Alex Goin ( @thebiggestplumber_) from Windsor, Ont.

Nick Merritt

Last year the company brought on six new Ambassadors including two Canadians, and this year Oatey has announced the addition of seven new plumbing professionals to its Ambassador Program including two Canadians: Nick Merritt (@creative_handz) from Winnipeg, and Justin Noftle (@trapworksplumbing) of Toronto.

Justin Noftle

The entire 2023 class of new Oatey Ambassadors includes Evan Berns, Colin LuttrellNick ParletJeff Keller, Nick Meritt, Justin Noftle, and Jesharelah (Shay) Lorette.

The new Ambassadors join returning Oatey Ambassadors Danielle Browne, Thomas YoungAlex GoinRobert Broccolo, and Germaine Nelson.

The 12 current Oatey Ambassadors champion the Oatey family of brands (including Oatey, Dearborn, Hercules, Cherne and more) through multimedia content and personal advocacy across social media, and the Ambassadors partner with the company on social media events, giveaways, trade shows, podcasts and more.

“At Oatey, we are incredibly passionate about supporting the talented tradespeople who use our products and support our brand every day. Our Ambassador program is a powerful way for us to connect with them and amplify their voices and phenomenal work,” says Katherine Lehtinen, senior vice president, brand and digital marketing at Oatey.

A new class of Ambassadors are selected each year. Individuals interested in becoming a future Oatey Ambassador can submit their information on the Oatey website for consideration.




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