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Emerson Introduces EasyHeat Elevated Slab Heating System

November 17, 2021 | By HPAC Magazine

Designed for suspended concrete floors, the electric system takes strain off HVAC systems heating skywalks, garages, bridges and more.

Image courtesy of Emerson Automation Solutions

Concrete floors suspended over cold spaces will lose up to 80% of their heat and place a strain on HVAC systems that heat structures such as enclosed pedestrian bridges, transformer rooms, shipping facilities, and parking garages.

Emerson has introduced its EasyHeat Elevated Slab Heating System which is comprised of self-regulating or mineral insulated heating cables, power distribution controls, and accessories.

The system comes ready to mount on the underside of a concrete slab with strapping to hold it in place. Insulation and a cosmetic ceiling finish are then installed to protect and hide the system from view. The cable is arranged in a serpentine pattern to achieve uniform heat distribution.

The EasyHeat Elevated Slab Heating System keeps concrete floors at or near room temperature. Warm concrete floors also make it more comfortable for people within the structures, including those traveling on skywalks between gates at airports or those locating their cars in underground garages.

The EasyHeat EGPC Digital Controller is designed to optimize energy consumption through microprocessor-based temperature control and monitoring of heater segments with remote alarm contacts and GFCI protection.




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