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Efficiency Canada campaign aims to put spotlight on ‘invisible’ energy efficiency sector

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June 17, 2019

Efficiency Canada has launched a campaign showcasing the growth of the country’s energy efficiency sector.

More than 436,000 people across six sectors are employed in the industry, accounting for 51,000 businesses generating $82.6 billion in operating revenues, according to the 2019 ECO-Canada Energy Efficiency Employment in Canada study.

The “Our Human Energy” campaign aims to “demonstrate the human impact of energy efficiency work,” according to Efficiency Canada.

“Right now, policymakers don’t recognize that many of the people they represent are part of the energy efficiency industry,” said Corey Diamond, executive director for Efficiency Canada. “Our plan is to create opportunities for energy efficiency workers to connect with each other around shared pride and shared challenges.”

According to Diamond, the biggest challenge the industry faces is that its work is largely “invisible.”

The organization is asking those employed in energy efficiency to “join the movement” at www.ourhumanenergy.org.

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