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Become a Health Canada recommended radon professional

May 14, 2012 | By HPAC Magazine

Health Canada’s on-going radon outreach and education program is raising awareness within the Canadian public about the potential health effects of radon and as a result, demand will increase for certified radon measurement and mitigation professionals. To assist companies wishing to expand their business to include radon measurement, HRAI in partnership with the University of Minnesota, has scheduled a two-day Radon Measurement Proficiency Course and the corresponding Certification Examination in Toronto, ON and Winnipeg, MB. The curriculum for this training program, endorsed by Health Canada as reflecting Canadian specific guidelines and protocols, will address the fundamentals of radioactivity, health effects of radon, radon entry, measurement devices, quality assurance/quality control and the fundamentals of radon mitigation and prevention. Completion of the course and passing the examination are requirements for certification under the Health Canada recognized National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP). Upon passing the exam, you will receive an application for NRRP certification. Completion of the application and payment of $150 will complete your two year NRPP certification. For further details go to www.radongas.org. Individuals who attain certification will be listed as “Health Canada recommended radon professionals.” LOOK FOR MORE ON RADON IN HPAC MAY/JUNE 2012 WHERE ROBERT BEAN DISCUSSES THIS IMPORTANT SUBJECT — COMING SOON.



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