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COMING SOON: Festival focuses on OBC energy efficiency requirements

September 13, 2012 | By HPAC Magazine

The 2012 Green Building Festival, which is being held on October 11-12 at the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto, will feature experts such as Jason F. McLennan, CEO of the International Living Future Institute, the Seattle-based hub for visionary green building programs, Edward Mazria, founder of Architecture 2030 and developer of the widely-adopted 2030 Challenge, and renowned architect Mario Cucinella. The new Ontario Building Code, Low-Impact Development Guidelines, and the move from prescriptive to performance-based standards are the topics that drive core programming at the 2012 Green Building Festival. Speakers will address the real world practicalities of understanding, meeting, and exceeding the new SB-10 energy efficiency requirements in the Ontario Building Code. Hosted by Sustainable Buildings Canada (SBC), the event has brought industry leaders together since 2005.



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