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How important is energy efficiency in industrial and buildings sectors?

January 4, 2017 | By HPAC Magazine

The Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) is undertaking Public Opinion Research to measure, through quantitative means, the importance of energy efficiency in the industrial and buildings sectors (including public, commercial and institutional sub-sectors) and energy efficiency brand recognition (ENERGY STAR, ISO 50001).

Leger, The Research Intelligence Group, has been retained by the OEE at Natural Resources Canada to conduct a short survey. The OEE will send out the survey in January to both industrial and buildings sector energy experts (i.e. those with the authority to make or influence energy efficiency decisions for their organizations).

The research will track awareness and attitudes towards energy efficiency and will gauge knowledge of available options and benefits to the adoption of energy efficiency practices. It will also assess brand recognition such as “ENERGY STAR” for industry and “ISO 50001,” and will identify gaps in energy efficiency information and services provided by the Government of Canada. Most importantly, the research will inform the development of targeted energy efficiency programs and initiatives, monitor program effectiveness and support program evaluation activities.

Research participants will be randomly selected from a list of buildings and industrial sector energy experts. OEE is asking that recipients of the Leger survey complete and submit it by the stated deadline.



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