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Viega expands language offerings in training programs

January 13, 2016 | By Doug Picklyk

Viega LLC is now offering expanded training options for international groups as well as French- and Spanish-speaking participants. The company training is being provided in a variety of formats ranging from single and multi-day courses, to onsite installation demonstrations, as well as full day seminars across North America.

“We’ve drawn more contractor participants than ever before and watched attendance grow. We’ve received very positive comments on Viega striving to meet the needs of contractors. Often it’s the first manufacturer training in French they have received and they are more comfortable with everything presented,” said Francis Longtin, district sales manager for Viega in Quebec.

Industry-related education is available for every experience level, from beginner system installers to skilled engineers on subjects including press technology, gas-fitting, pathogen prevention, radiant design, solar and geothermal systems, radiant heating and cooling, hydronics and more.



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