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Viessmann Adds Connectivity to New Vitodens Residential Boilers

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Installing contractors can commission the new boilers from a mobile device.

New Vitodens 200

Viessmann has added connectivity to its latest generation of residential Vitodens condensing boilers, which will become available in July of 2021. With WiFi connectivity built in to the units, the boilers can communicate directly with Viessmann’s new digital ecosystem which includes the Vitoguide tool for installing contractors as well as the ViCare app for homeowners.

The new Vitodens 100 (available in combi and heat-only models) along with the new Vitodens 200 both include stainless steel heat exchanger, the company’s Lambda Pro Plus clean combustion control, 10:1 turn-down ratio, and they work with either propane or natural gas (which can be changed at the push of a button).

Both new offerings are available in a range of MBH outputs (Vitodens 100: 85, 120, 150, 199/(combi) 120, 199. Vitodens 200: 85, 120, 150, 199). Additionally, up to 15 Vitodens 200 units can be cascaded for commercial applications of all sizes.

The units have modern user-interfaces – including a 7-in. touchscreen display on the Vitodens 200.




The new Vitoguide app allows installing contractors to commission the new Vitodens boilers from their mobile device. (An on-board option is also available for contractors that prefer a more traditional commissioning experience.)

With Vitoguide, an installing contractor can choose the boiler control language, automatically change the fuel and altitude settings, and fill the boiler with the press of a button, among other functions. Contractors will also be able to remotely monitor and service the connected boilers (with the system owner’s permission), and receive service alerts and scheduled maintenance reminders.

For homeowners, the ViCare app provides visibility to fuel use and savings and it provides instant feedback and alerts about changes in the status of the connected boiler.




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