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Bird’s Eye View

November 4, 2019 by Jillian Morgan

The costly consequences of falls at heights demand a culture shift.

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Remote technologies offer a win-win for customers and contractors

November 1, 2019 George Tsintzouras

Much like GPS or smart thermostats, remote A/C diagnostics and air conditioning monitoring systems belong in every technician’s truck.

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‘They really hate us:’ New prompt payment rules may help mend relationship between GC’s, subtrades

October 29, 2019 David Kennedy

“It’s not dislike, it’s not that they’re upset– they really hate us.”

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Sealing Building Envelopes

October 28, 2019 by Jillian Morgan

Blower door testing offers opportunity for contractors.

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An Untapped Energy Savings Opportunity

October 24, 2019 Steven Graves

The return on investment from re-staging with an active sensing system can be as low as 12 months.

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Enhancing facility safety with integrated HVAC controls

October 23, 2019 Michael Hugh

HVAC systems are one example of a foundational building component business owners and facility directors recognize as a critical part of an overall connected safety strategy.

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Within Reach

October 21, 2019 by Jillian Morgan

Mechanical systems find a place in 3D printed structures

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The Oldest Technology

October 18, 2019 Ian McTeer

Super insulation combined with zoned radiant heating has the potential to push fossil fuel heating into obsolescence.

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High-performance Design Matches High-performance Athletics

October 16, 2019 Ralph Kittler

World-class sports facility presents unique IAQ and air distribution issues.

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Dealing with the Products of Combustion Part II

October 15, 2019 Robert Waters

Dealing with liquid condensate must be done properly to avoid damage to the building, problems with appliance operation and angry customers.

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Benefits and Advantages of Thermostatic Expansion Valves

October 15, 2019 Jeffrey Staub

TXVs are one of the most common type of adjustable orifice throttling devices in air conditioning and refrigeration systems worldwide. But how do TXVs compare to other throttling devices?

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Hydraulic Dieting

October 11, 2019 John Siegenthaler

Think about reducing head loss to reduce the kilowatts per hour of electrical energy required to operate the system.

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Best practices for maintaining water flow in plumbing supply systems

September 3, 2019 David Desjardins

Minimizing bacteria growth in plumbing supply systems has become increasingly important in the plumbing industry in recent years. This is done largely through the control of temperature and flow maintenance. Plumbing engineers, installers and facility operators are particularly concerned with

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Tips on major boiler retrofit options

August 28, 2019 Rakesh Zala

One-third of a facility’s energy bill stems from the boiler room, and system inefficiency just adds to high energy costs. If replacing a boiler is not an option due to budget constraints, retrofitting an old boiler is one way to

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Top ten tips to getting paid

August 27, 2019 Dan Leduc

The attention to prompt payment legislation at the federal and provincial level proves the ongoing and entrenched knowledge that the construction industry is premised on cash flow and therefore capitalization is, if not the primary, at least one of the

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IoT permeates market, contractors pushed to get on board

August 26, 2019 Curtis Bennett

I literally remember hearing that 9600 baud modem squeal for the very first time. Reerascheeeram, yes that is how you actually spell it, so do not try to look it up. It was weird – I thought why the heck

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How to select heat transfer surfaces

August 26, 2019 Dave Demma

There are many textbook definitions for the term refrigeration, but one of the most straight forward and easy to understand definitions is as follows: “the achievement of a temperature below that of the immediate surroundings.” In this article, when the

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Dealing with the products of combustion: Part 1

August 26, 2019 Rob Waters

Contractors who install gas-fired condensing boilers know that dealing with the products of combustion is a big challenge when installing these appliances. Flue gases exiting the appliance are laden with moisture, and liquid condensing from the combustion chamber and vent

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Factors to consider when specifying boilers

August 23, 2019 John Miller

Whether for a single-family home, large-scale apartment complex, or commercial or industrial facility, building owners, facility managers, engineers and contractors seek boiler systems that meet specification requirements, installation ease, serviceability, reliability, lower operating costs and higher performance. Once these major

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Think ahead: What will hydronic systems look like in 25 years?

August 23, 2019 John Siegenthaler

Although I have worked with hydronic heating for four decades and designed systems around just about every possible heat source, I would be hard pressed to predict what might be available as hydronic heat sources 25 years from now. Fifty

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Online reviews are the new word of mouth for contractors

August 21, 2019 Jillian Morgan

For mechanical contractors building their digital presence, online reviews are unavoidable. The potential customers searching for HVAC and plumbing contractors can be quickly enticed – or thwarted – by star rankings on websites such as Google, Yelp and Facebook. Positive

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Get smart about leak detection

August 21, 2019 Steve Goldie

It was a beautiful summer day when I got the phone call: “Steven, I hate to bother you but water is coming out of your house.” I was sitting on a patio enjoying a craft beverage, halfway through a well-deserved

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Is the Internet of Things an HVAC thing?

August 20, 2019 Ian McTeer

I developed an intense interest in science and technology while watching the adventures of Captain Kirk and crew on the starship Enterprise on an old black and white television as a kid in the 1960s. Cruising through the heavens at

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Update: Measurement Canada to approve thermal energy meters within the year

July 12, 2019 by HPAC Magazine

Update: The Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada reports that the timeframe for implementation of thermal metering regulations has been altered. The new version is found in Bulletin V-31—Implementation of thermal energy meter requirements. It updates the timelines

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Cooling systems meet the challenge of power-dense data centres

May 28, 2019 Jillian Morgan

It is no easy task to cool power-hungry data centres. Operators rely on efficient and cost-effective cooling systems to combat climbing power densities, which can reach upwards of 50 kilowatts per rack – the physical structure used to house the

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Is your client’s compressor ready for the summer heat?

May 28, 2019 Dave Demma

Other than the cost there are no serious arguments against performing preventive maintenance on air-conditioning and/or refrigeration equipment. And to the customers who would balk at paying a qualified technician to merely “maintain” their equipment, the only response to them

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Luxury plumbing sees wellness, sustainable technology and natural materials trend upward

May 27, 2019 Jillian Morgan

The luxury plumbing market leaves no stone unturned. From the sink to the shower, manufacturers have taken a fresh approach to functionality and style in upscale environments. The trend towards wellness and sustainability has driven a demand for natural materials,

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The overlooked technology

May 27, 2019 Lance MacNevin

By its very nature, the engineering profession is based on the constant search for new and better ways of accomplishing a task. However, there is also a well-known human tendency to do things the way we have always done them.

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Expansion tank dos and don’ts

May 24, 2019 John Siegenthaler

When water is heated the space required for each molecule increases. Any attempt to prevent this expansion will be met by tremendous forces. If a strong metal container is completely filled with liquid water and sealed from the atmosphere it

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Multiple condensing boiler plants come of age

May 24, 2019 Rob Waters

Innovative features, along with new design strategies & installation techniques address previous issues. Multiple condensing boiler plants now provide countless buildings with reliable, efficient, integrated and effective hydronic heating systems. It has not always been this way. It has taken