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Ipex plants in Quebec to be 100% renewable powered

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Company has registered in Hydro-Québec’s renewable energy certificates pilot project.

(source: Ipex Group, Canada)

Aliaxis, parent company of Ipex North America, has announced its registration in Hydro-Québec’s renewable energy certificates (RECs) pilot project with the intention of obtaining EcoLogo RECs in order to cover 100% renewable electricity consumption for all its sites located in Quebec for the year 2023.

This is in line with the Aliaxis sustainability commitment to use 100% renewable electricity in all its manufacturing operations by 2025.

The renewable energy certificates originate from wind farms located in the province of Quebec. The certificates also verify that the electricity used at Aliaxis Quebec sites will come from 100% renewable sources, meaning that they do not emit any Green House Gas (GHG) emissions associated with power generation.

As part of the commitment to the Hydro-Quebec, the company will undertake energy efficiency projects at its plants and  join demand response programs to reduce electricity use during peak hours to produce its range of IPEX products.




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