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CHES 2012: Towards World Class Health Care

November 1, 2012 LUC BOILY

Mechanical business professionals make their points on the best practices and regulations in healthcare facilities.

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ASHRAE and UNEP Join Forces

November 1, 2012 by hpac

Promoting sustainable refrigeration in facilities and systems.

Figure 1
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Guaranteeing Energy Performance: Mission Impossible?

November 1, 2012 by hpac

Most energy models produce best-case scenario goals for the design team, assuming perfect construction and operation. However, owners/operators quickly realize that energy models are typically not exact predictors of energy use. But that is changing: design teams and constructors/operators are

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Cold Climate HVAC: Challenges and Solutions

November 1, 2012 Robert Bean

The 7th International Cold Climate HVAC Conferencei, which was held recently in Calgary, AB, was nothing short of impressive with representatives from over 15 countries in attendance. This conference was an opportunity for researchers and design practitioners to share what

Figure 1 Typical domestic water consumption flow profile for a small commercial building.
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Making A Case For VFD

November 1, 2012 Brian James and Roger Weldon

The benefits of packaged pump systems and variable flow pressure boosting.

Complex piping system.
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14 years of hydronics

November 1, 2012 John Siegenthaler

A comparison of the hot topics of the past, the present and, most importantly, the future.

Figure 1 Analysis of annual refrigerant leakage
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Think Ahead To Get Ahead

September 1, 2012 Dave Demma

Serving your customers well means analyzing the refrigerant and equipment at individual sites and planning wisely.

Figure 2 Impact of ELWT on water to water heat pump COP.
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Onward & Downward

September 1, 2012 John Siegenthaler

The future of hydronics is all about low water temperatures.

Figure 1 Balance point for typical air source heat pump.
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My Pretty Good House

September 1, 2012 IAN MCTEER

Air source heat pumps are still a good choice for residential applications.

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Shower Power

September 1, 2012 Steve Goldie

More water and less resistance are the keys to achieving good pressure.

Figure 1 Post-and pre-retrofit natural gas and hot water consumption
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A Before And After Look At Water Heating

September 1, 2012 by hpac

Research project looks at the relative performance of storage and tankless water heaters.

Figure 1 Combined solar thermal and geothermal system
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Geo-Solar Connection

September 1, 2012 by hpac

Two thermally-based renewable energy technologies that grab many headlines these days are solar water heating and geothermal heat pumps. Both of these technologies are ways of capturing solar energy. The solar thermal system does it in real time, whereas the

Figure 1
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How Low Can You Go?

September 1, 2012 MIKE MILLER

A look at low temperature systems.

Figure 1
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Ethanol Handling: A Health & Safety Perspective

May 1, 2012 Marissa Cutts

This follow up article to Part 1 in HPAC April 2012 discusses operator responsibility.


Is Your Head In The Cloud(s)?

May 1, 2012 Mark Evans

We have reached a point of decision as Cloud-based services now offer real choices.


The Penny Drops

May 1, 2012 Hank Bulmash

The Canada Revenue Agency targets long-standing loopholes in the 2012 federal budget.

Figure 1
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Selective Coverage

May 1, 2012 John Siegenthaler

Radiant panels do not have to cover an entire floor, wall, or ceiling.

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The Digital Fix

May 1, 2012 Dave Demma

Maintain a consistent chilled water temperature during varying load conditions.

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Health Canada Addresses Radon In Homes

May 1, 2012 Robert Bean

Release of radon guide reaffirms mechanical professionals’ leading role in the health and well being of Canadians.

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Taking us down a peg or two

May 1, 2012 Kerry Turner

THOSE OF YOU WHO FOLLOW HPAC MAGAZINE ON TWITTER (@HPACMAG) may have read the tweets regarding Bill C-38: Winnipeg MP notes “we keep unearthing all these little treasures hidden deep in the bowels of Bill C-38” and “I am loath

The 2013 F-Series Super Duty with MyFord Touch. An eight-inch,high-resolution touch screen display gives drivers easy access to phone, climate control, entertainment and navigation features along with a dramatically expanded voice control vocabulary.

FEATURES FROM HPAC MAY/JUNE 2012 Future Truck Technologies Target Fuel Economy

May 1, 2012 Bill Roebuck

The newest technologies aim to help work vehicles boost their usefulness and reduce operating costs.

Jean Gobeil estimates that the buildings will require about 13 000 metric tons of wood chips annually to meet their heating needs.
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Greenhouse Company Embraces Biomass

April 1, 2012 Luc Boily

Les Serres Lefort Inc., a Sainte-Clotilde-de-Châteauguay, QC-based specialty greenhouse company dedicated to the production of seedlings, recently unveiled its new biomass heating system. The leading edge system consists of two 6000 kW boilers, an open buffer tank of 1.3 million

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Pull-out faucets stand out

April 1, 2012 by hpac

Design trend survey results show significant increase in specification of product integrating two functions.

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Maintenance Rules

April 1, 2012 by hpac

Address the two biggest problems with HVAC split system components.

Figure 1
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Time Well Served

April 1, 2012 John Siegenthaler

After 30 years it was time for a collector transplant.

Mould is one of the major complaints that will prompt a call to a residential IAQ specialist. Photo iStockphoto
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Overcoming Hurdles

April 1, 2012 Don Fugler

Professionals discuss the potential in residential investigations.

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Ethanol Handling: A Health & Safety Perspective

April 1, 2012 Marissa Cutts

Clear best practices and improved training are crucial undertakings for owners.

Table 1 Refrigerant Options
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Basic Conversion Considerations

April 1, 2012 Dave Demma

What are the important issues after the decision has been made to move forward with a refrigerant conversion?

Figure 1 Boiler and storage tank piping
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Lowering the Limit

April 1, 2012 John Siegenthaler

How to extract more heat from a storage tank.

Water line system with flexible corrugated stainless steel piping.
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New Kid On The Block

April 1, 2012 Steve Goldie

Stainless potable water tubing system enters Canadian marketplace.