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Beating Growth Gridlock

December 1, 2013 HANK BULMASH

Understanding what your business can and cannot do.

Figure 1 Single-Wall Serpentine
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Radiant Loop Layout Patterns

December 1, 2013 MIKE MILLER

A review of radiant loop layout patterns with their differences, as they best represent the heat distribution into spaces with different heat loss characteristics.

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Building Blocks

December 1, 2013 PATRICK CALLAN

Hydronics supplier joins effort to educate children in developing nations.

Linear drains offer a sleek, modern look.
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Discover New Opportunities With Linear Shower Drains

December 1, 2013 ERIC CARSON

In the ultra-competitive world of architectural building products it is remarkable that manufacturers and designers can continue to create and develop new ones. But somehow there always seems to be another lightning-hot product or system that jolts the building design

Table 1 EPA R-22 Allocations
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For Better Or For Worse…R-22 RIP

December 1, 2013 DAVE DEMMA

The nuts and bolts of choosing a suitable refrigerant replacement. (Part II).

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The Lowdown On Low Lead

December 1, 2013 PATRICK CALLAN

CIPH’s Ontario meeting focuses on low lead changes, coordinating Canada-U.S. stand.

Scheideman competes during one of three timed events en route to winning gold at the WorldSkills competition.
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Golden Touch For Scheideman

October 1, 2013 Patrick Callan

Alberta native takes home top prize in refrigeration and air conditioning category at WorldSkills.

Figure 1 U shape droplet separator
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Innovative Conversion Program Targets HCFC-22 Rinks

October 1, 2013 Luc Boily

The City of Montreal has been moving forward with a cooling system conversion program for rinks still using HCFC-22 refrigerant. This motivated in part by the pressures of the Montreal Protocol, which will result in the phase out of HCFC-22

Summit speaker Mike Miller
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Summit Offers View Into Future Of Hydronics

October 1, 2013 by Adam

Heating Plumbing Air Conditioning (HPAC) magazine’s inaugural trade show, Modern Hydronics The Summit, offered a rich conference program, a strong line up of speakers, and an array of leading HVAC manufacturers and suppliers. The event garnered an overwhelming response as more

Code will be the catalyst in making DWHR technology work say some manufacturers. Photo EcoInnovation
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Building Code Changes A Vanguard For DWHR Systems

October 1, 2013 Patrick Callan

Manufacturers are hopeful that the rest of Canada will follow Ontario’s lead.

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By The Numbers

October 1, 2013 Rod Yeoh

The plumbing implications of green rating systems for existing buildings.

Table 1 - Annual leakage as a consideration for refrigerant conversion
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For Better Or For Worse…R-22 RIP

October 1, 2013 Dave Demma

As the need for alternates looms, contractors would be wise to develop a comprehensive strategy (Part I).

Figure 1 Tee at Termination Outlet
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October 1, 2013 Ian McTeer

Horizontal venting terminations have created a variety of problems. It is time to consider other options.

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Capitalizing On Greening

September 2, 2013 Steve Goldie

It takes more than technology to produce results.

Figure 1 Fuel cost comparison
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Increasing The Appeal

September 2, 2013 Mark Evans

More options are emerging for pairing hydronics and renewables.

This ad ran in 1966 in HPAC and shows the ongoing focus on attracting builders to hydronic heating.
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Looking Back – circa 1964 How to sell hydronics to Canadian builders

September 2, 2013 Al Buschel

An expert brings out some points you may have overlooked.

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The Variable Flow Renaissance

September 2, 2013 Steve Thompson

The Pump Guy looks at the end game: modulating flow effectively.

Figure 1 Improper installation of a mixing valve.
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Getting It Right

September 2, 2013 Mike Miller

Strategies to maximize radiant system effectiveness.

Figure 1 Use of a 4-way valve
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Changing Direction

September 2, 2013 John Siegenthaler

How flow reversal can be used in hydronic systems.



June 1, 2013 Bill Roebuck

The practicality of cargo vans as service vehicles is expanding as manufacturers turn their attention to competing with the enormous Sprinter.


Ignore Pressure Differentials At Your Peril

June 1, 2013 Robert Bean

The unintended consequences of monster-size range hoods.

Table 1
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Condenser Water System Savings

June 1, 2013 Mick Schwedler and Beth Bakkum

Optimized flow rates in the condenser water system provide installed and operating cost savings in chilled-water systems. This article discusses flow rate selection and offers options to consider for implementation in specific circumstances.


Getting The Job Done

June 1, 2013 Hank Bulmash

Infrastructure and skills development figure prominently but has the groundwork been done? Insights into the 2013 Federal Budget.

Each workstation has its own water heater.
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Simple system garners big savings

June 1, 2013 Luc Boily

Knowing that drinking water is not a boundless resource, a group of plumbing and heating teachers involved in the eastern Montreal vocational training school Centre Daniel-Johnson* developed a water-conserving system for the workstations. Daniel Savard, a plumbing and heating instructor

Scheideman hangs an evaporator on a freezer at the 2012 Alberta skills competition.
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Duo set to represent Canada in Germany

June 1, 2013 Patrick Callan

NAIT grads prepare to test their skills against the world’s best.

Figure 1 Sidearm water heater system.
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Only As Needed

June 1, 2013 John Siegenthaler

A new approach to on-demand domestic water heating.

Figure 1 System layout: Wood gasification boiler and solar thermal array
Article HydronicsSolar

A Great Marriage

April 1, 2013 John Siegenthaler

How to combine solar collectors and a wood gasification boiler.

A dehumidification system can be an efficient solution to humidity issues caused by daily wash downs, fog and moisture in a food processing facility.
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Don’t Sweat It

April 1, 2013 David Simkins

Dessicant technology can be a solution to summer humidity issues.

Figure 1 Condenser and evaporator coil in a single unit
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How To Avoid IT System Failures

April 1, 2013 Eddie Stevenson

Prevent equipment overheating in server rooms using ceiling-mount spot air conditioners.

Figure 1 Cooling tower fan performance
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Condenser Water System Components

April 1, 2013 Mick Schwedler and Beth Bakkum

An overview of how condenser water system components react to changing conditions.