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Figure 1 The cost of installation in several communities in British Columbia.
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RFS: Trials, Trends and Tribulations

March 1, 2013 Mark Evans

An update on the status of residential fire sprinkler fire systems in Canada.

Industry Canada tool offers page dealing with HVAC contractors.

Business Analysis 101

March 1, 2013 Hank Bulmash

Benchmarking tool allows you to view financial performance data based on industry averages.

Figure 1 TEVs with contamination issues returned for warranty credit.
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Cleanliness Is Next To…

March 1, 2013 Dave Demma

PART I: Proper procedures for ensuring a contaminant-free installation.

Large diameter, low speed fans reduced the rate at which Federated Co-operative Ltd.'s warehouse was losing heat.
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Movin’ Air

March 1, 2013 Erin Hsu

Destratification can resolve a number of heating and air quality issues.

Figure 1 Series piping layout.
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Multiple Boiler Option

March 1, 2013 Mark Norris

When and how to use hybrid systems.

Figure 1 An "unprotected" recirculating domestic hot water system.
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Stemming The Flow

March 1, 2013 John Siegenthaler

Balancing a recirculating domestic hot water system.

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A Two-In-One Seasonal Alternative

February 1, 2013 Clark Michel

Portable heat pump basics.

Outdoor wood-fired heaters present some system design issues.
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Room For Improvement

February 1, 2013 John Siegenthaler

Outdoor wood-fired heaters bring some baggage to system design.

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Staying Ahead Of The Game

February 1, 2013 Elizabeth Brown

Technology allows radiant industry to respond to growing expectations and customized needs.

Applying boiler water treatment.
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An Ounce Or So Of Prevention

February 1, 2013 Harvey Grodjesk

Keep boilers more efficient and corrosion free.

Exterior design of Welland Toyota results in minimal heat loss.
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In The Loop

February 1, 2013 Mike Miller

Radiant system design and performance a key factor in meeting LEED requirements.

Figure 1 Toronto weather data.
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Time For A Rethink

February 1, 2013 Mark Norris

Multiple boiler systems call for a multitude of design considerations.

Formula 1 Flow equation for water-based systems.
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Don’t Just Go With The Flow

February 1, 2013 Ryan Westlund

Creating hydronic radiant equipment schedules is the key to successful radiant projects.

Figure 1 System with mixing assembly
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That Sinking Feeling

February 1, 2013 John Siegenthaler

Do not let a cool slab dominate your panel radiators.

Reconditioning and leveling the surface.
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A Solution For The Future

February 1, 2013 Luc Boily

Marcel-Dutil Arena in Quebec is the first rink in the world that uses 100 per cent carbon dioxide in its cooling system.

Figure 1 Uniform (l) versus non-uniform (r) environment. Mean radiant temperature (MRT) integrates the non-uniform surface temperatures into a single representative value. Operative temperature then integrates the MRT with the dry-bulb temperature (tdb).
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February 1, 2013 Robert Bean

Solve the mean radiant temperature problems to solve building energy problems.

Table 1 Pipe testing comparison
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Structural Integrity Rules

November 1, 2012 Robert Bean

Understanding regulation of embedded piping systems.


Growing Your Business: Particulate Profiling

November 1, 2012 Colin Plastow

The merits of offering IAQ assessments and particulate counts to commercial and residential customers.

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Luxury Baths – paradise for your bottom line

November 1, 2012 Andrew Snook

Digital designs and refurbished relics trendy for high-end bathrooms

Figure 1 Soot affects fuel consumption.
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Where there is smoke… there is a maintenance issue

November 1, 2012 by hpac

New oilburners should not produce smoke.

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CHES 2012: Towards World Class Health Care

November 1, 2012 LUC BOILY

Mechanical business professionals make their points on the best practices and regulations in healthcare facilities.

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ASHRAE and UNEP Join Forces

November 1, 2012 by hpac

Promoting sustainable refrigeration in facilities and systems.

Figure 1
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Guaranteeing Energy Performance: Mission Impossible?

November 1, 2012 by hpac

Most energy models produce best-case scenario goals for the design team, assuming perfect construction and operation. However, owners/operators quickly realize that energy models are typically not exact predictors of energy use. But that is changing: design teams and constructors/operators are

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Cold Climate HVAC: Challenges and Solutions

November 1, 2012 Robert Bean

The 7th International Cold Climate HVAC Conferencei, which was held recently in Calgary, AB, was nothing short of impressive with representatives from over 15 countries in attendance. This conference was an opportunity for researchers and design practitioners to share what

Figure 1 Typical domestic water consumption flow profile for a small commercial building.
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Making A Case For VFD

November 1, 2012 Brian James and Roger Weldon

The benefits of packaged pump systems and variable flow pressure boosting.

Complex piping system.
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14 years of hydronics

November 1, 2012 John Siegenthaler

A comparison of the hot topics of the past, the present and, most importantly, the future.

Figure 1 Analysis of annual refrigerant leakage
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Think Ahead To Get Ahead

September 1, 2012 Dave Demma

Serving your customers well means analyzing the refrigerant and equipment at individual sites and planning wisely.

Figure 2 Impact of ELWT on water to water heat pump COP.
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Onward & Downward

September 1, 2012 John Siegenthaler

The future of hydronics is all about low water temperatures.

Figure 1 Balance point for typical air source heat pump.
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My Pretty Good House

September 1, 2012 IAN MCTEER

Air source heat pumps are still a good choice for residential applications.

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Shower Power

September 1, 2012 Steve Goldie

More water and less resistance are the keys to achieving good pressure.