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Sprinkler systems in single-family homes should be an option that more people ought to consider when building or purchasing a new home.
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The case for residential sprinkler systems

August 1, 2015 Steve Goldie

There is a dual benefit to adding fire protection system installation to your service offering.

Figure 1 Tube spacing and circuit water temperature
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August 1, 2015 John Siegenthaler

Systems do not have to be complex to be sophisticated.

Figure 1 Air system (Mechanical Room One)
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How To Deal With Ramped Up Loads

August 1, 2015 by hpac

Jevons’ paradox is alive and well in high performance homes.

Outdoor concrete surface with embedded PEX tubing.
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Tips For Successful Installations

August 1, 2015 Lance MacNevin

How to integrate SIM into almost any outdoor surface.

CSA standard
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A Shot In The Arm

August 1, 2015 Mark Evans

Point-of-use energy consumption measurement removes bias against hydronic systems.

Figure 1 Direct return, two pipe system
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What Are Your Options?

August 1, 2015 Mike Miller

Knowledge is power when it comes to distribution piping design.

We are in the information age and data exchange is at the very heart of that.

Hello Boiler, It’s Wi-Fi Calling

August 1, 2015 Curtis Bennett

A wireless future for the mechanical industry.

Figure 1 Air gases in water
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I Can’t See Any Air

August 1, 2015 John Siegenthaler

But it is likely still there…

Figure 1 Superheat characteristics of an EEV and TEV
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Accuracy, Reliability and Repeatability

August 1, 2015 Dave Demma

What steps are necessary to achieve optimum valve performance?

Figure 1
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How Much Is Enough?

August 1, 2015 Ian McTeer

Making sense of relative humidity, wet bulb and grains of moisture.

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Same old, same old

May 1, 2015 STEVE GOLDIE

Soldering basics still apply to lead free pipe, valves and fittings.

Figure 1 Low mass radiant ceiling panel
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Complementary elements


Combining a geothermal heat pump, boiler and radiant ceiling in one system.

Direct fired make up air unit. Insulated intake air in foreground, supply air in background.
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Multi-purpose means multiple challenges

May 1, 2015 ROBERT BEAN

Points to consider when designing industrial and commercial systems.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo.
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Weighing in for the fight

May 1, 2015 BILL ROEBUCK

The aluminum versus steel battle heats up the pickup truck market, while cargo capacity remains the benchmark for big cargo vans.

Shell in tube heat exchanger.
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Chiller basics

May 1, 2015 DAVE DEMMA

A review of applications and systems in the field.

Figure 1 Determining frosting potential
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Consider the total picture

May 1, 2015 LEN KOBYLUS

Canadian ERV wheel retrofit and specification must consider RER, frosting and maintenance.

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Clean bill of health for Fuel Oil No. 2

May 1, 2015 by hpac

Results of a final screening assessment released by Environment Canada and Health Canada in February reported that exposure from Fuel Oil No. 2 residential tank leaks is not a concern for the health of the general population. The report states

Students in front of the new Shree Madan Asrit Lower Secondary School classroom block. To the left of the children is an old classroom.  Photo: Ashley Bouchard, Raven Supply
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Committed to reading

May 1, 2015 by hpac

Raven Hydronic Supply Ltd. continues its fundraising initiatives through Room to Read.

Figure 1 Legislative actions involving refrigerant
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Considerations for next generation HVAC refrigerants

March 1, 2015 Mike Thompson, Mike Patterson and Ryan Geister

An earlier article in HPAC and in Engineers Newsletter discussed the need for a balanced approach* between environmental impact and efficiency when selecting replacement refrigerants for HVAC equipment. This article continues the refrigerant discussion by addressing safety, regulations and other

Figure 1 Simple distribution
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Improving distribution system efficiency

March 1, 2015 Amin Delagah

Part II in a series dealing with restaurant hot water systems.

Figure 1 Common buffer tank
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One side or the other

March 1, 2015 John Siegenthaler

Alternate ways to pipe up a buffer tank.

It is imperative to determine the cause of motor failure or a repeat failure is likely to happen.
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Methods to prevent motor failure

March 1, 2015 Dave Demma

Operation and troubleshooting of electric motors – Part II.

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Grow the business you can afford

March 1, 2015 Hank Bulmash

Entrepreneurship comes with risks, but there are steps you can take to improve your chances of success.

Simple installation makes for a profitable add-on sale.
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Preventive measure proves profitable

March 1, 2015 Rick Ensley

Using waterless floor drain traps to eliminate sewer odours and evaporation.

Formula 1
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Why don’t my floors feel warm?

February 1, 2015 John Siegenthaler

Simple solutions to avoid the dilemma of unfulfilled customer expectations.

With advanced controls the SIM system is fully automatic.
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A little math goes a long way

February 1, 2015 Lance MacNevin

What you need to know about the financial reality of operating snow and ice melt systems.

Expansion tanks come in many shapes and sizes.
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Pressure and high school chemistry

February 1, 2015 Cliff McNeill

How the often misunderstood expansion tank protects closed hydronic systems.

Figure 1 Three-phase Stator
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Electric Motors: Operation and Troubleshooting

February 1, 2015 Dave Demma

Imagine a world without the electric motor: No elevators, no DVD players, no computer hard drive, no electric clocks, no Toyota Prius’, no washing machines or dryers, no conveyor belts at the supermarket checkout stand, no manufacturing plants of any

Rethinking hot water systems is key to meeting user expectations and regulatory requirements.
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Tips for restaurant hot water systems

February 1, 2015 Amin Delagah

Warming up to a new design perspective-Part I

Figure 1 Electromechanical switch
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Ones and zeros

February 1, 2015 by hpac

How to incorporate relays into your design strategy.